Intermodal Services

union pacificFor clients requiring reliable, low-cost transportation solutions, or looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their shipping, Integra’s intermodal solutions seamlessly combine highway and rail transportation. We provide access to all Class 1 railroads and over 150,000 intermodal containers of all sizes across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. As a Smartwaysm Transport Partner, Integra is committed to helping customers integrate rail into their transportation solutions to provide the benefits of cleaner air, reduced dependence on foreign oil, and reduce congestion on the nation’s highways.

When you choose Integra Logistics Services LLC as your intermodal partner, you benefit from:

  • An industry leading technology system that helps to ensure customer satisfaction by continuously monitoring shipments, providing real-time analysis in 22 specific areas along an intermodal shipment’s journey.
  • Experienced people passionate about providing the highest level of customer service to our clients
  • Proactive and efficient coordination of transportation services with inventory, warehousing, packaging, and material handling as required to meet the performance requirements of your application