technologyOur customer-friendly Transportation Management System (TMS) offers customers real-time data with a web-based interface. With as much as ten percent of our staff dedicated to information technology, we are able to offer timely, accurate, customized reporting to meet customer-specific supply chain management requirements. Our fully integrated system supports all functions relative to effective logistics management, including:

  • A tracking system linked to all vendors, which provides door-to-door exception management
  • Accurate real-time reports available on-line, via fax or email at customer specified time intervals
  • An online document imaging system that is fully integrated into each customer portal, and our internal systems, so that critical information is only a click away for customer and CSR’s
  • Comprehensive management of detention and accessorial charges, using pool and drop lot management tools and accessorials managed at the time of the event

The Integra customer portal provides access to useful tools, such as fuel surcharge computation tool, Rate Quote requests, and real-time Tracking and Tracing module. Contact Us to find out how you can test drive our unique transportation management tools.